Joint Meeting of Medical Companies with Organizers of 21st ICCU

Joint Meeting of Medical,Pharmaceutical,and Imaging Device Companies with Organizers (Scientific and Executive Committee) of 21st International Congress of Cardiovacular Updates 

According to the public relations of the Iranian Society of Atherosclerosis , this joint meeting was held with the presence of more than 70 of medical, pharmaceutical, and Imaging device companies. The meeting was held with the presence of congressional director Dr. Massoud Ghasemi, scientific secretary Dr.Masoud Eslami and executive manager, Ms. Mozhdeh Mazidi at VIP Congress Hall, Milad Tower International Conference Center, Saturday 4 May 2019, 10 am.

At the outset, the president of congress wellcomed representatives of the national medical, pharmaceutical and imaging device companies. Afterward Dr. Ghasemi explained the achievements of 21st ICCU and the means of distinguishing it from previous congresses by retaining goals. Presence of national and international experts leading to  country"s medical advances was noticed as one of these goals.

The scientifc secretary of the congress, started his speech by referring to scientific growth of the country, and the familiarity of national physicians with modern therapies through attending medical congresses and conferences. Dr.Eslami explained the scientific plan including lectures and workshops and the important role of supporting companies in this matter.

In further, executive mamanger, Ms.Mazidi explained the congressional executive planning, emphasized the need for upgrading of executive programs in order to increase the quality and quantity of congressional issues that the sponsors of this congress have an critical impact. Also details of implementation of specialized workshops. also placed on the meeting table.

Based on the common principles of organizing congresses of the Iranian Society of Atherosclerosis, companies have come up with suggestions and expressed the desire to determine the location and area of ​​the exhibition spaces they are interested in, to bestly set diagnostic and therapeutic needs available to the visitors.

The 21st International Congress on Cardiovascular Updates will be held on 20-24 August in International Conference Center of Milad Tower.

For more information, please visit or contact the secretariat  by 021-223 877 06