ECG of the week 108

ECG case presentation

·  Unconscious Patient 68 year old man

·  History of a remote MI, was found by his family unconscious on the floor of his apartment. He had been well the morning of presentation.

·  Prior to hospital arrival technicians faxed a 12-lead ECG to you (ECG 62A).

(ECG 62A)

After Hospitalization:

·  Initial vital signs were notable for a tachycardia and hypotension,

·  After appropriate therapy, vital signs stabilized.

·  He was intubated prior to arrival.

·  Upon admission to the emergency department, a repeat ECG is obtained (ECG 62B).

 (ECG 62B)

What is your interpretation of his initial ECG?
What arrhythmia diagnosis is suggested?
What clinical diagnosis is suggested in comparing the two tracings?


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Source : Podrid’s Real-World ECGs